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A good witch and a bad witch? Leave you to ponder which is the bad witch. Plenty of good Halloween clipart like jack-o'-lanterns, skulls with red eyes, skeletons, ghosts and bats.

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fast flying witch
Witch flying fast on her broom with evil on her mind.
witch graphic
Hot witch with her broom and pointed hat with smoke and a dark frame.

HTML code for hot witch
cute witch animated
Cute witch with her broom.
pumpkins and skulls
Happy Halloween graphic with a pile of skulls and a couple of strange looking skeletons.

HTML code for skeleton with skulls
witch animation
A witch with glitter animation and Happy Halloween.
witch with black cat
Witch with broom, black cat and just a touch of orange. Witch has 2 skeletons on her skirt and a black cat tattoo.

HTML copy/paste code for hot witch with black cat

Halloween girl with red hair and glitter.

HTML code for halloween girl skull tattoos and glitter animated
halloween image witch and bats
Halloween scene with a witch and bats plus Happy Halloween.
witch with cauldron full of candy
Witch with green skin and red hair carrying her broom and a cauldron full of trick or treat candy. Looks like her carefully prepared costume has paid off with lots of treats.

hot witch with cauldron
witch flying
Witch with green skin and red eyes flying on her broom.
Image Format - PNG, Image Size - 15 kb, Dimensions - 100 x 111 Pixels
halloween girl
Halloween Girl with glitter.

halloween girl tattoos and glitter animated
happy halloween
Happy Halloween image with witches, ghosts, bats, skeletons and jack-o'-lanterns. Plus pumpkin head.

Happy Halloween scene
black caldron witches brew
A witches brew in black caldron.

Image Format - JPEG, Image Size - 12 kb, Dimensions - 201 x 211 Pixels, Details - This bubbling witches cauldron contains a special ingredient, people. Image has heavy noise texture on a white background. Clip art has a flying bat decoration with witches brew in red around the bottom. Almost forgot the bloody hand reaching out from the top.
Jack-o'-lantern image.

cool Jack-o'-lantern
animated witch
Animated witch cooking up something tasty in her cauldron.

Animated witch
3 witches cooking around a cauldron
Witch doing some good cooking in a cauldron with 2 more witches flying in the background. Happy Halloween!

Image Format - JPEG, Image Size - 22 kb, Dimensions - 320 x 230 Pixels, Details -  The main witch in the front is a clip art image purchased from "Art Explosion" with additions by us. The skull is from a replica skeleton photo. The flying witches have motion blur from Impact and noise texture. Fire and Happy Halloween drips were created using Eye Candy Nature. Night Chrome frame and stars are Xenofex 2 constellation.
zombie on white
Zombie for white pages.

Image Format - JPEG, Image Size - 13 kb, Dimensions - 166 x 400 Pixels, Details - Zombie on white background. This is like, "where is Waldo?" The zombies may look the same but there are many differences including ears, blood, feet and pants.

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