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Free baseball animations and clipart images. Section includes batters, pitchers, umpires, managers, base runners, baseballs and infielders.

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baseball batter
Animated batter ready for the pitch.
pitcher animation
Pitcher throwing a fast ball.
one mean baseball
This is one mean pitch. Perhaps, Sandy Koufax was the pitcher.
Infielder ready for anything.
umpire and manager
Umpire and manager having a friendly discussion, perhaps.
swing batter
Trying for the long ball.
pitcher animation
Pitcher getting the signs.

umpire animation
Umpire making a decision.
baseball batter
Batter at the plate clip art image.
A pitcher with a special wind up. This guy reminds me of Luis Tiant.
(Why wasn't Luis Clemente Tiant Vega voted into the Hall Of Fame 25 years ago? Come on guys, lets get it done.)
Large Baseball
sliding into base
Runner sliding into second base.
Clipart images of a batter with a big smile. Must be having a good game.
plarer running the bases
Player running the bases - animation.
Pitcher in his wind up.
spinning baseball
Animated baseball spinning.
ball player
Ball player. Sorry, just had to say it...