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Animal clipart and animations including ants, bees, tigers, frogs, anteaters, armadillos, bears. Animals on these pages sized for desktop, responsive and mobile sites.

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leaf cutter ant
Leaf Cutter ant on the move.
bee in flight
Funny bee in flight.
red ant animation
Red worker ant with the tools of his trade.
animated worker ants
Worker ants showing the benefits of teamwork.
anteater breaking in
Anteater breaking into mound.

anteater animation
Anteater with long snout.
Tiger on the move.
excited bull
An excited bull.
animated armadillo
Armadillo Animation
curious bear
Bear Animation
green frog
Sitting green frog with big eyes.
owl image
Owl keeping a close watch.
bear after honey
Bear after honey in hive.

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