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Free animated emoticons, images and smiley faces. Section includes angry smileys, praying, happy, blushing, crying, bouncing, devil, gloomy and smiley faces banging their head against the wall.

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angry smiley
Red Angry Emoticon
angel and devil emoticons
Devil And Angel Smileys
talking smiley
Blue With A Lot To Say
angry smiley face
I'm Red And I've Been Happier
happy smiley face
Happy smiley face  - PNG with transparent background.
smiley hug
Give Me A Hug
smiley face blush
Am I Blushing?
blushing smiley
Someone Is Blushing
crack the whip emoticon
Now I'm Cracking The Whip
happy smileys
Plenty of happy faces.
crying emoticon
You Made Me Cry
unhappy smileys
This Might Not End Well
praying emoticon
Little Yellow Emoticon Praying
praying smiley
Praying Smiley
smiley with halo
You Are An Angel
banging head against the wall
I Can't Believe You Said That

green bouncing smiley
Green And Bouncing
yellow bouncing emoticon
Yellow And Bouncing
bouncing smiley face
Bouncing With Red Hat
bouncing yellow smiley
Bouncing With Big Smile
smiley devil
A devil of a smiley.
happy face whistle
Smiley Face Whistle - PNG.
two bouncing smiley faces
Two Smiley Face Friends
7 bouncing smileys
7 Smiley Face Friends
4 bouncing green smileys
We Have Been Practicing
gloomy smiley face
I'm Feeling Gloomy
female smiley
Nice female smiley.
naughty smiley
Smiley with something naughty on his mind - PNG.
punching smiley
Reach Out and Punch Someone
Whistling Smiley
Whistling Smiley
confused yellow smiley
Completely confused smiley.
confused smiley
Just don't know - smiley.
cowboy smiley
Smiley with cowboy hat and a 3 day shadow.
angry smiley
I've Been Happier
poke smiley with a stick
Do I Have To Poke You With A Stick?


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