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Updated graphics and animations. Section includes updated graphics to let your visitors know that a page, site or category has been updated. We have included a wide variety of fast, slow, bright and subtle animation.

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update bright colors
Update in bright colors.
Updated with attention getting color animation.
updated animation black
Updated animation black and white.
black and white updated
Updated with light animation.
flashing updated
Flashing updated.
updated red
Update typed - white on red.
updated animated sign
An animated updated sign.
updated sliding animation
A sliding updated sign.
updated with sun
Animated updated sign on a sun burst.
updated green
Updated green and black.
spinning updated
Updated animation with vertical spin.
updated red spinning
Spinning update animation.
updated with smiley
Updated with a smiley.
updated spinning
Updated with spinning letters.

updated image with stamp
An updated stamp in dark colors.
updated round stamp
A round updated stamp image in green.