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Bear animations, photos and clipart images. Section includes polar bears, honey bear, fishing bears, bike riding bears, dancing bears, happy, funny bears and more. This page has both photos and animated graphics.

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polar bears
Two polar bears playing in the snow.
bear dance
A bear doing his special dance.
bear with honey
Bear enjoying his honey from a jar.
brown bear in the water
Brown bear fishing in a river.
bear dancing
A country bear dancing.
hungry bear
Hungry bear eating from a picnic basket.
bear knocking
When a bear is knocking it is a good idea not to open the door.
bear on a bicycle
Bear riding a bicycle.

grizzly eating a fish
Grizzly eating a fish that he caught.
bear in love
A cute little bear in love.
dancing bear
Brown bear that likes to dance.
polar bear on the ice
Polar bear walking on the ice.
bear picnic
A bear fully prepared for a nice picnic.
funny bear
Funny bear living life on his own terms.
polar bears
Two polar bears having an intimate conversation.
bear on a walk
Animated bear out for a walk.
bear tumbling
A young bear show off her skills at tumbling.
happy bear
A happy bear doing the happy dance.
bear sneaking
A bear sneaking up on his prey.
fishing bear
Animated polar bear ice fishing.
bear with itch
Bear taking care of an itch.