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Dance clipart images and animations. Section includes ballet, ballroom, modern, robot, cheerleaders, the twist, couples jitterbug, hula dancing, grinding and a love dance or two.

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cool dancer
Animated cool dancer.
ballet dancer
Animated female ballet dancer.
dancer in black
Girl dancing dressed in black.
ballroom dancers
Well dressed ballroom dancers.
funny cool dancer
Guy has the moves.
Dancing the night away.
cute dancer
Animated girl dancing.

couple ballroom dance
Couple ballroom dancing.
little dancer
Follow the tiny dancer.
dancing cheerleader
Clip art image of cheerleader dancing.
street dancing
Street dancer - nice shoes.
female dancer clipart
Clipart image of a woman dancing.
Quick moves.
the twist
Come on baby, let's do the twist.
dance group
Dance routine animation.
giraffe dancers
Giraffes can dance.

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