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Free 4th of July animations and graphics. The following pages include American flags, plenty of animated fireworks, graphics that show your pride in America, 4th of July icons and buttons plus other images proudly created in red, white and blue for Independence Day.

Graphics and animations were created in a variety of formats. As a general rule, round images are PNG with transparent backgrounds, rectangular images are JPEG and all animations are GIFS with transparency. However, some of the animated GIFS have a light colored (white) matte to clean up any rough edges.

Of course, we have also included some images and animations with black backgrounds for dark websites.

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Happy 4th of July animation
Happy 4th of July with glitter animation.
boy American flag
A boy holding an animated American Flag.
proud American
I'm Proud to be an American in the stars and stripes. White background.

code for Proud American in red, white and blue.
Air Force One
Air Force One flying over Mount Rushmore with Happy 4th Of July.
4th of july animated red
4th of July animation.
American Flag animated
American Flag on pole animated.

Animated American Flag on pole.
Happy 4th of July button
Happy 4th of July Button red, white and blue. Button is a transparent PNG image.

HTML code for 4th of July button

Happy 4th of July with fireworks
JPEG image of The American Flag with fireworks and Happy 4th of July.
4th of July with glitter
4th of July scene with glitter.
4th of July Liberty
4th of July with The Statue Of Liberty.
Happy 4th of July
Happy 4th of July patriotic car with a little animation.
Happy 4th of July animation
Happy 4th of July with sparklers.
Happy 4th
Happy 4th of July round button - PNG.
uncle sam
Uncle Sam celebrating The 4th of July with fireworks.
Happy 4th of July animation
Happy 4th of July with animation plus stars and stripes.
fireworks animated
Fireworks animation exploding high in the sky.

animated fireworks - HTML code for websites.
Independence Day
Fourth of July - Independence Day
happy 4th of july animation
Happy 4th of July!

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