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Free Grim Reaper Plus Minion Graphics

Halloween graphics free for personal and non profit websites. Grim Reaper and his minions.

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grim reaper with a skeleton minion
Grim Reaper with red eyes on a foggy night plus a skeleton minion in search of his next victim. Are you next?

Image Format - JPEG, Image Size - 15 kb, Dimensions - 230 x 365 Pixels, Details - The Grim Reaper is a photo image of a replica skeleton. The scythe was simply drawn then textured with Impact Chrome. His minion is also a skeleton photo altered in height and width, especially height. Behind both are dark clouds created using Xenofex 2. In front is a layer of smoke created using Eye Candy Nature. The frame was designed using Impact Quicksilver. Eyes were added using Ruby Glass filter.

HTML code for scary angel of death on a foggy night with skeleton

grim animated
A grim Halloween scene animated.

grim reaper on black background
Grim Reaper with huge scythe and spooky face.

Image Format - JPEG, Image Size - 7 kb, Dimensions - 203 x 217 Pixels, Details - Reaper on black. We may need to make more of these. After all, it is dark on Halloween.

HTML code for spooky grim reaper
grim reaper with a lost skull and scythe
Grim Reaper with his scythe and the skull of a lost soul.

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