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Apple clipart images and animations. Section includes animated apples, red, golden and green apples, sliced apples, happy apples, cherry apples, baskets of apples, apples on the tree, photographs of apples, clip art.

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apple and apple slice
Photo image of an apple and apple slice.
apple chef
Animated apple with a knife and fork.
apple growing on tree
Nice apples growing on the tree.
smart apple
An apple a day can also make you smart.
basket of yellow apples
Clip art image of a basket full of golden apples
hanging apples
Apples hanging from the tree in a breeze.
basket of red apples
Small bucket of red delicious apples.

lace basket of apples
Weave basket full of fresh apples.
walking apple
Animation of an apple that has gone out for a walk.
apples and worm
A basket of apples with one very hungry worm.
happy apple animation
This is one happy animated apple.
candy apple photo
Image of candy apples.
barrel of apples
A spilled barrel of apples.
bucket of apples
Photo image of bucket full of red apples.
apples kitten
Photo image of a kitten playing in a basket of apples.

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