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The graphics on the following pages were designed to help show you have something new on your web site. About half are new animations and the others are clipart. We included small new, large new, funny new and even some strange new graphics. Also, we created images for both black and white pages.

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new and improved on red
New and Improved in yellow and red.
new many bright colors for black pages
Rectangular New in bright colors.
new animation flashing green
rectangular New on wood with flashing animation.
new green rectangle
New in green and gold.
new red with upper arch
New in shades of red with perspective shadows.
new - round with white on green
Round New in green and white.
new arrow sign
New arrow sign pointer animated in green.
new animated spin
New in black with animated star.
multi color new for light sites
New in bright colors with white background.
new - white on red star
New in white on dark red with transparent background.

new talk cloud
new animated red and yellow
new bright red on light blue star
new red arrow sign
New arrow sign animation.
new glitter
100% New with animated glitter.
bulging bew with arrow pointing down
new sign
women holding new sign
blue new with gaussian noise

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