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Halloween witch graphics free for personal and non profit web pages. Modern young witch and a traditional witch with her flying familiar. Witch flying on her broom.

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witch flying
Witch out for a joy ride on her broom.
magic witch
A little witch magic for Halloween.

trick or treater dressed as witch
Halloween Witch
Image Format - GIF, Image Size - 15 kb, Dimensions - 155 x 417 Pixels, Details - Witch with green skin, red hair, big witch hat, pentagram hanging on a chain from around her neck and a bucket full of candy. Would you take treats from this woman? Witch image is on a white background.

HTML code for witch girl

red witch
Happy Halloween from a red witch with a little animation.
witch and her friend the bat
A green witch and her familiar the bat. He better hope she doesn't need any bat wing for a spell.

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