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grim reaper with black cat and jack-o-lantern
Black cat, grim reaper, pale ghost and creepy jack-o'-lantern on a foggy night with dripping blood.

Image Format - JPEG, Image Size - 29 kb, Dimensions - 320 x 400 Pixels, Details - This is a many layered Halloween scene we created at least 2 Halloweens ago. Along with the obvious clipart imagery, many programs and filters were used in its design. The fire and smoke was created using Eye Candy Nature plug-ins. Blood is a combination of Photoshop texture and Nature Water Drops filters. Lightening added using Xenofex 2 and the ghost (my favorite) is simply and outline filled with smoke from the Nature plugin. It clearly says, "Happy Halloween."

HTML code for blood thirsty grim reaper on a scary night with black cat

grim reaper
Grim Reaper with his scythe.
grim reaper animation
Grim Reaper scene with glitter animation.
grim reaper large
Grim Reaper looking for a new friend?

Image Format - JPEG, Image Size - 25 kb, Dimensions - 257 x 458 Pixels, Details - Could it be? Yes, it's another grim reaper. To us nothing says Halloween like reapers. Plus they are fun to create. This guy looks serious about his job. His eyes follow you from side to side. He is carrying an industrial strength scythe for lots of heavy work. Perhaps you will invite him home for a snack?

grim reaper searching

grim reaper
Face of the Grim Reaper on white.
grim reaper animated
Grim Reaper reaching out with his scythe animation.
a grim reaper welcome
The Grim Reaper welcomes you to your new home. It's the latest model.
grim reaper on black
Face of the Grim Reaper on black.

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