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Halloween witch animation free for personal, school and non profit web pages. Old traditional witches that seem to be up to no good plus young witches flying on their brooms.

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green witch flying
Traditional green witch flying on her broom.
flying witch
A young witch flying on her broom.


animated witch
Come here little boys and girls. Would you like some candy?

Image Format - GIF, Image Size - 15 kb, Dimensions - 122 x 324 Pixels, Details - This animated witch is a public domain image although it has little resemblance to the original. Along with the typical size and texture changes we added extra frames to smooth out the motion. The witch clipart image has a transparent background, however, it has a white matte so it will look best on light colored websites.

HTML code for animated witch

witch broom flying
A witch on her broom with a jack-o'-lantern.
wild and crazy witch
Crazy witch casting the evil eye on someone. Could it be me? Could it be You?

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