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Animated fish and fish pictures. Section includes sharks, stingrays, killer whales (yes, we know whales are not fish, thank you), octopus, trout, schools of fish, animated fish, fish clipart, fat fish and fish friends.

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Image of a shark swimming near the bottom.
fish animated
Animated orange and black fish swimming.
blue fish
Blue and black fish swimming animation.
big eyed fish
Animated fish with big eyes and big lips.
dancing fish
Fish doing a dance.
purple fish
Fat little purple fish.

stingray picture
Image of a stingray hunting along the bottom.
red fish
Red fish animation.
animated puffer fish
Animated Puffer Fish
grey shark
Animated Shark
fish bubbles
Funny fish blowing bubbles animation.
2 fish friends
Two fish friends doing what fish do.
school of fish
A school of fish moving as one.

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