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Fun mice images and animations. Section includes happy mice, cool mouse, crazy mice, baby mice, working mouse, hungry mice, angry mice, sad mice and dancing mice.

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mouse a little angry
Animated mouse with something important to say.
cool mouse
Mouse acting like Mr. Cool.
friendly mouse
A young, friendly and happy mouse.
smarty mouse
A smart mouse.
mouse baby
A baby mouse doing what babies do best, playing.
working mouse animated
 A 9 to 5 mouse off to the office.
strong mouse
A very strong mouse.
a content mouse
A clip art image of a very content mouse with plenty to eat.

wild and crazy mouse
An animated crazy mouse.
mouse eating animation
Mouse eating cheese animation.
mice with cheese
Mice with a big piece of cheese.
a mouse crying
A sad mouse shedding a tear.
two mice dancing
Two happy mice dancing.
blind mice
Three blind mice animation.
teamwork mice
Mice working together for a good meal.
cool mouse with shades
A clip art image of a cool mouse wearing his shades and carrying his skateboard.

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