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Animated lions plus clipart and photo images. Section includes lion cartoons, happy lions, hungry lions, cubs, lions that fly, singing lions, lazy lions, cool lions and even lion smileys.

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Fun and friendly lion clip art image.
animated male lion
Animated lion sitting.
a curious lion
A lion keeping a close eye out.
lion big cats
Lion - King of the big cats
lion stretching
It's been a long day waiting for the lionesses to bring home the food.
lion with wings
Lion flying with large wings.

a fun lion
Cartoon lion standing tall clip art image.
lion king
The lion is the king of beasts animation.
animated happy lion
A happy lion animation.
a hungry lion
Lion that is clearly hungry. Is he looking at me?
lion primping
Lion looking good for a fun evening.
lion with talent
An animated lion with special talent.
male lion walking
Male lion on the move.
being king of the beasts
The king of beasts sitting tall.
animated lazy lion
Animated gif of the king of beasts doing what they do best, resting.

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