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We continue to add a wide variety of alligators, and crocodiles, to this category. All animations are in the GIF format, photographs are JPEG and the illustrations plus clipart are either GIF, JPEG or PNG images. Section includes happy gators, lazy gators, dancing gators, hungry alligators, baby gators, angry alligators plus funny animated alligators.

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dancing alligators
Three alligators dancing. This must be in Louisana.
alligator on the bank
Alligator emerging from the water.
walking alligator
Animated alligator out for a stroll.
alligator in the grass
Alligator in the back yard. Could it be yours?
a baby alligator
Welcome to the world little alligator.
dark alligator
Nice alligator illustration.
upset alligator
Even alligators can show a little attitude.
alligator showing his teeth
Image of an alligator from the side.

alligator with open mouth
Image of an alligator showing his teeth.
alligator pet
Tired of dogs and cats? How about a pet alligator.
alligator pond
Alligator on the bank of a pond.
less dangerious alligator
Green alligator looking a little less dangerous than some.
running alligator
Animation of an alligator on the run.
gator rising out of water
Alligator rising out of the water.
angry alligator
Angry gator with a bit of attitude.
standing alligator
Cool Alligator
waving alligator
Walking alligator waving to his friends.
hungy alligator
Photo of hungry alligator that just caught a nice meal.
alligator dancing
Alligator in the mood for dancing.
Crocodile on the beach.
friendly alligator
A happy and friendly animated alligator.
funny looking alligator
A funny looking alligator with a bit of a confused look.