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Free Thanksgiving graphics for your web pages. This page has horns of plenty, scarecrows, pilgrims, pumpkins, fruit and plenty of autumn leaves. Pages in this category also include many Happy Thanksgiving images, plenty of turkeys and animations. Happy Thanksgiving!

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pumpkins and pumpkin pie
Pumpkins with Happy Thanksgiving.

Image Format - JPEG, Image Size - 71 kb, Dimensions - 517 x 360 Pixels, Details - Pumpkins and pumpkin pie. Large clip art image with various noise texture applications. White background with a light layer of outer glow, black. In the front of the image are the words Happy Thanksgiving in yellow with a small drop shadow.

HTML copy/paste code for pumpkins and happy thanksgiving
eat more fish less turkey
Got to love this turkey. Perhaps we should eat more turkey on Thanksgiving? No Way!
Happy Thanksgiving with autumn leaves
Animated Happy Thanksgiving sign with autumn leaves.
fall basket
Two young pilgrims with basket of autumn goodies.

Image Format - JPEG, Image Size - 8 kb, Dimensions - 115 x 148 Pixels, Details - Image of two small pilgrim children carrying a basket full of fruit and vegetables. On top of the basket sits a happy little squirrel. The entire image has a noise texture layer.

code for pilgrim children with fall basket and squirrel
Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving with glitter animation.
turkey dance
Doing the turkey dance. This may be a post Thanksgiving dance.
happy thanksgiving animations with fall leaves
Happy Thanksgiving animation falling leaves and pumpkins.

code animated Happy Thanksgiving

a Happy Thanksgiving Greeting
A secret Happy Thanksgiving greeting plus a little dancing.
family on Thanksgiving
Family together on Thanksgivng Day.
walking turkey
Happy turkey out for a walk.
Thankful animated
Thankful with fall goodies and a little animation.
turkeys and more turkeys
Lots of turkeys including a pilgrim turkey with Happy Thanksgiving.
turkey on the run
Turkey on the run. Must be dinner time.

Image Format - JPEG, Image Size - 16 kb, Dimensions - 193 x 182 Pixels, Details - This clip art image has a white background. Image is a large turkey running quickly. Turkey is wearing a pilgrim hat and a steel breastplate (no doubt to protect the most wanted part of the turkey). Entire image has a light outer glow.

website code for turkey on the move
Happy Thanksgiving Pilgrim
A funny little pilgrim says Happy Thanksgiving with a touch of animation.
Happy Thanksgiving America
American Flag map with a patriotic turkey and Happy Thanksgiving.
thanksgiving celebration
Pilgrims, Natives and a happy turkey celebrating Thanksgiving.
a Thanksgiving feast
A Thanksgiving feast animated.
cornucopia animation
An overflowing cornucopia with fall harvest goodness.
Happy Thanksgiving animation with turkey and hunter
Happy Thanksgiving - the hunter and turkey would say more but they are a little busy right now.
Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving with animation and shadows.
rake and leaves
Basket of autumn leaves with rake.

Image Format - PNG, Image Size - 6 kb, Dimensions - 115 x 144 Pixels, Details - A wooden basket overflowing with autumn leaves of many colors. Leaning against the basket is a leaf rake. This is a transparent image that should work well on any background.

HTML code for autumn leaves and rake

Happy Thanksgiving animation with full horn of plenty
Happy Thanksgiving image of a Horn of Plenty overflowing.

happy pilgrim
Smiling Pilgrim with gun ready for action.

Image Format - JPEG, Image Size - 9 kb, Dimensions - 126 x 172 Pixels, Details - Pilgrim in blue, grey and tan standing at attention and saluting. In his left hand he holds his trusted blunderbuss. His capotain (hat) has added texture and the blunderbuss (gun) has a chrome finish to simulate metal. Background is white.

happy pilgrim

pumpkin and turkey
Thanksgiving turkey hiding in a pumpkin.

Image Format - GIF, Image Size - 12 kb, Dimensions - 134 x 169 Pixels, Details - Animated clip art. A pumpkin sits quietly in a field when all of a sudden up pops a turkey. It must be close to Thanksgiving because obviously the turkey is hiding. After a few seconds he goes back inside. The animation has a white background.

code for animated pumpkin and turkey
thanksgiving turkey
Happy Thanksgiving from an animated turkey.
turkeys making Thanksgiving dinner
Turkeys preparing a slightly different Thanksgiving meal.
Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving with color animation.
turkey with happy thanksgiving
Turkey with Happy Thanksgiving and glitter.
Happy Thanksgiving with food
Happy Thanksgiving with food harvest.
turkey waving
Animated turkey waving.
Happy Turkey Day
Happy Turkey Day with a very happy pilgrim turkey.
happy pilgrim
Happy Pilgrim

Image Format - JPEG, Image Size - 6 kb, Dimensions - 108 x 170 Pixels, Details - A smiling and waving pilgrim clip art image in black and white. In his hand he has a tight grip on his blunderbuss. He is wearing his doublet (shirt) and trunk hose (pants) and of course, his capotain (hat).

copy/paste code for pilgrim.
happy thanksgiving and cornucopia
Happy Thanksgiving with cornucopia of goodies.

Image Format - JPEG, Image Size - 14 kb, Dimensions - 246 x 124 Pixels, Details - A Thanksgiving scene. In the center is a cornucopia with plenty of goodies including pumpkins and grapes. In front of the horn is a text layer with the words, "Happy Thanksgiving".

copy and paste code for Happy Thanksgiving

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