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Free Christmas Animations and Christmas Graphics. This page focuses on Christmas bears and teddy bears. You might be surprised at how much fun papa bears, teddy bears, momma bears, polar bears, baby bears and Santa can have during the Christmas season.

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Christmas bear with a puppy
Christmas bear clipart with a new puppy delivered on Christmas morning by Santa Claus.

santa and child with teddy bear
Little boy with his teddy bear talking with Santa Claus.

website code for Santa and Little Boy

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas in red and green with animation.

Christmas bear with toys
Bear with Christmas wreath and plenty of fun toys.

bear with toys

Seasons Greetings
Seasons Greetings with Santa Claus and his animal friends.

Christmas bear peace on earth
Christmas bear with 'Peace on Earth' comment.

HTML copy/paste code for Peace On Earth

Merry Christmas Teddy Bears
Merry Christmas Teddy Bears dressed in Christmas red and green.

Christmas Bears

Christmas bear and star ornament
Bear with his favorite Christmas Star ornament.

Christmas couple ice skating
Couple dressed for Christmas ice skating.

Santa Bear
Santa bear making some pastries with Merry Christmas.

polar bear at the north pole
Polar Bear at North Pole.

North Pole - code for websites.

polar bear
Polar Bear dressed and ready for the Christmas holiday.

Santa and bear
Santa Claus clipart with a bear in the Christmas stocking.

toys for Christmas
Sack full of Christmas toys including a teddy bear and drum.

code for Sack of Toys with teddy

Christmas bear with tree
Christmas bear with a Christmas tree.

bear and Christmas tree
Papa bear bringing home a fresh cut Christmas Tree.

Christmas teddy bear with toys
Teddy bear dressed for Christmas with plenty of toys.

Christmas teddy bear
Merry Christmas from pink teddy bear with ornament.

Christmas bear in Christmas cup animated
Well dressed Christmas Bear.

Christmas Bear animated

Santa by fireplace
Santa Claus by the fireplace with stockings hung with care.

bear swinging on a Christmas wreath animated
Christmas bear swinging on a wreath.

Christmas Bear swinging animated

bag of christmas gifts including teddy bear
Santa's bag of gifts including a teddy bear and dolls.

HTML copy/paste code for Santa's Bag of Gifts

Merry Christmas bear
Bear with 'Merry Christmas' comment.

copy/paste code for Merry Christmas

Christmas bear with wreaths
Christmas bear with red and green Christmas wreaths.

i love you bear
Bear with 'I Love You' comment.

copy and paste code for I Love You

Christmas bears animation
2 Christmas bears with animation.

animated bears

Santa and reindeer flying on Christmas eve
Santa and his reindeer delivering presents on Christmas eve.

Christmas soldier
Christmas soldier with candy cane.

Candy Cane - code for websites.

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