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Free Bird Graphics - Animations - Images

Animated birds and clipart images. Section includes eagles, hawks, owls, falcons, woodpeckers, flamingos, roosters, blue birds, bald eagles, flying birds and more. This page has both pictures and animated graphics.

blue bird
Friendly Blue Bird
Flamingo in flight.
small flying bird
Small bird flying fast.
bald eagle
Majestic bald eagle in flight.

golden bird
Golden cartoon bird.
flying owl animated
Animated owl flying.
owl in flight
Grey owl in flight.
cute birds jumping
Two animated birds jumping.
rooster animation
Animated rooster telling the world to wake up.
hawk in flight
Hawk searching for prey.
woodpecker animation
Woodpecker doing what woodpeckers do best.
birds sitting on a wire
A flock of birds resting on a power line.
eagle in flight
Eagle Flying
Flying Falcon as seen from below.