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Ant clipart images and animations. Section includes red, worker, funny, black, fire ants and an army of ants plus cartoons, animations and images. Ants are related to wasps and bees which begins to explain why it hurts so much when they sting. Also, ants can carry between 10 and 50 times their own body weight with their mandibles which explains why it hurts when they bite.
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black ant
Single black ant.
ant carrying load
An ant showing his strength by carrying a very heavy load.
army of ants
Army of ants on the move.
2 animated ants
Animated ants on the hunt.
anta eating a sandwich
Ants enjoying a sandwich while on the go.
worker ant
An ant hard at work wearing his hard hat.
red ant
A fun cartoon red ant.

red ant
Red ant standing tall and proud.
black ant animation
Black ant looking for a way in.
walking ant
Funny ant on the move.
black ant
Black ant with hairy legs.
angry ant
Old ant yelling, "get off my lawn".
fire ants
A colony of fire ants looking for food.
worker ant
A worker ant ready for a hard day of work.
really hungry ant
This hungry ant has an eye on your lunch.
animated ant
Ant searching with his ant antenna.
Animated ant waving.
single black ant
A single ant top view.


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