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Plenty of free vampires, animations, bats, jack-o'-lanterns, witches, zombies, grim reapers, ghosts, skeletons, pumpkins and skull clipart. Happy Halloween!

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three vampires
Three vampires and three vampire bats with Happy Halloween.

copy and paste code for vampires
animated pumpkin
A phrenetic pumpkin animation. Perhaps he is just a hungry pumpkin.

copy/paste code for animated pumpkin
vampire into bat
Vampire changing into a vampire bat.
young witch
A young witch with bats and a black cat.
funny vampire
A funny looking and very happy vampire.

code for cool vampire showing off

A friendly Dracula. Can there be such a thing as a friendly Dracula? Perhaps he is just cute and dangerous.
animated Halloween pumpkin
Animated pumpkin on white.

Image Format - GIF, Image Size - 73 kb, Dimensions - 260 x 269 Pixels, Details - Monster pumpkin with animated glowing eyes, animated mouth and an oozing gash in his head with something phrenetic rushing around inside. Could be tiny little ghosts. Makes a strange Jack-o'-lantern. Happy Halloween in orange with a black stroke.

copy and paste code for animated pumpkin on white
vampire bat
Vampire bat with large eyes and sharp teeth.
smiling pumpkin
Smiling jack-o'-lantern. He might be up to no good.

HTML code for smiling jack-o'-lantern
red animated skull
Animated skull with big white teeth and smoke coming out of his mouth.

animated skull smoking
zombie on black
Zombie for black pages.

Image Format - JPEG, Image Size - 11 kb, Dimensions - 160 x 400 Pixels, Details - Zombie on a black background. This guy has a mouth full of blood and brains yet he is hunting for more.
grim reaper animated skull
Grim reaper with animated skull.

Image Format - GIF, Image Size - 40 kb, Dimensions - 250 x 301 Pixels, Details - Another version of one of our favorite grim reapers. This one with a little animation.  Skull has flashing eyes and a moving face. This animation has a white background.
animated pumpkin
Jack-o'-lantern animation on black.

animated Jack-o'-lantern

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