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The bullets on this page may be saved for use on your personal web pages. Page is a mix of animated bullets and bullet graphics. Large round clipart images are PNG.

Many of the bullets have a transparent and a white matte version of each. If you can not tell the difference by sight, look to the alt text or image details (using your browser) for more information. White matte is for white and light pages and transparent is for medium to dark pages.

Of course, you could simply save both and see which looks best on your particular web page color or colors.

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blue bullet with back reflection brown back reflection white bullet with back reflection
planet bullet with reflection night sky bullet red bullet with black stripes
pink ball bullet green ball bullet green striped bullet
red ball brown bullet bullet with red streaks
red bullet round yellow bulley round
planet bullet white matte large bullet light and dark blue  
light blue animated bullet pointer star bullet animation animated bullet black matte for dark pages
slinning bullet animation animated yellow bullet animated red bullet arrow
animated brown bullet transparent background spotted animated bullet white matte purple bullet round
small blinking bullet flashing bullet animation  
one eyed bullet animation blonde bullet transparent three color animated bullet

bullet with green reflection purple design with reflection bullet with blue reflection
bullet with yellow and red reflection brown animated white matte for light pages red animated bullet transparent background
green star animation blue star animated animated red star bullet point
star bullet orange purple star bullet animation animated brushed bullet with white matte
blonde bullet for light pages bone bullet transparent background bone bullet white matte for light backgrounds
brown bullet with white matte for light backgrounds moon bullet transparent background moon bullet white matte for light backgrounds
blue star bullet with metal trim golden star bullet with metal trim green star bullet with metal trim
light blue star bullet with metal trim wavy bullet blue flower bullet
animated brushed bullet transparent brown bullet with transparent background planet bullet with transparent background
red bullet animated white matte silver bullet with transparent background animated silver bullet with white matte for light pages

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