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Happy Thanksgiving Graphics

Pumpkins, corn, gourds, fall leaves, baskets, wheel barrows, turkeys and animated turkey. All non animated graphics on this page ( png's ) have transparent backgrounds. This includes barrow of pumpkins, basket of goodies, colorful turkey and small turkey images. Thanksgiving animations free.

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gourds and pumpkins animation
Animations of gourds, pumpkins and falling autumn leaves.

HTML code for pumpkins with falling leaves
pumpkins, gourds, mellons and flowers
Barrow full of pumpkins, gourds, flowers and melons.

code wheel barrow full of pumpkins and fall goodies
basket of corn, pumpkins and other fruit
Basket full of goodies with pumpkins, grapes, corn and more.

basket full of autumn fruit
happy turkey animation
A very happy turkey on Thanksgiving Day.
animated Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving with autumn leaves, pumpkins and animation.
Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving from a friendly animated turkey.
turkey animation
Turkey animation batting its big blue eyes. Turkey has brightly colored feathers.

HTML code for animated turkey

Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving to you.
proud turkey
Turkey standing tall in all his glory.

HTML code for large turkey strutting his stuff
fall fruit
An arrangement of fresh autumn fruit.

copy and paste code for fruit arrangement
Thanksgiving turkey with bright feathers
Turkey with very bright feathers.
Happy Thanksgiving leaves
Happy Thanksgiving with autumn leaves.
turkey saying happy thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving from Mr. Gobbler.

Image Format - JPEG, Image Size - 12 kb, Dimensions - 199 x 139 Pixels, Details - Turkey standing with a thoughtful look. Turkey has green eyes, is wearing a pilgrim hat and has multi colored feathers. In front are the words, "Happy Thanksgiving" with white stroke and a slight drop shadow. Clipart has a white background.

HTML code for gobbler
turkey with stuffing
Turkey with stuffing and fruit ready to eat.
barn on thanksgiving
Northern barn on Thanksgiving.

barn and thanksgiving snow

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