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Fun mice animations and clip art images. Section includes dancing mice, calorically challenged mice, mice having fun, fast mice, young mice, laughing mice and mice eating a lot of cheese.

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mouse dancing
Animated dancing mouse.
moving mouse
Mouse on the move but not sure where to go.
a fat mouse
A fat mouse and getting fatter (can I say a mouse is fat or will the thought police come after me?). Guess I could say calorically challenged mouse or perhaps pleasantly plump mouse or maybe a jolly mouse. Whoa there, implying that just because a mouse is plump means he or she is also jolly sounds as if it could be a little judgemental. I will give this important question some more double think and get back to you.
mouse walking
Mouse out for a stroll.
mouse having fun
A small animated mouse having fun.
fast mouse running
A clip art image of a fast mouse on the run.

a happy mouse
A happy mouse animation.
mouse waving
Mouse waving animation.
wet mice
Two wet mice.
writing mouse
A mouse writing.
scared mouse
Mouse has a big surprise.
sitting mouse
Mouse sitting and resting.
a mouse bathing
Mouse taking a bath in a teacup.
a hungry mouse
A hungry mouse getting her fill with some stinky cheese.
an animated laughing mouse
I don't want to say it but I'm going to, "mouse laughing out loud".
ROFLOL mouse
Well, if I can say LOL I can also say, "mouse rolling on the floor laughing out loud".
a kucky mouse
When you find a piece of cheese larger than yourself, you are one lucky mouse - image.

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