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Apple images and animations. Section includes animated apples, red, golden and green apples, sliced apples, happy apples, photographs of apples, jumping apple, spinning, prize winning apple and wet apples.

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jumping apple
Happy apple jumping animation.
single red apple
Image of single red apple.
worm eating apple
A worm using a fork to eat an apple.
animated apple
Animated apple rocking.
two apples
Image of two apples.
prize winning apple animated
Apple has won first prize.

sliced apple
Sliced apple.
red apple
Clip art image of single red apple with leaf.
worm in apple
Animation of a worm living in an apple.
wet apples image
Photo image of three apples with water drops.
apple being sliced
Animation of apple being sliced for a fruit salad.
cherry apples
Image of a long bowl of cherry apples.
spinning apple
Apple spinning animation.
apples nuts
Photo image of apples, nuts and honey.

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