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Free Labor Day Web Graphics

Labor Day graphics for use on your web site. Graphics for light and dark pages and one more man enjoying a
day on the lake sharing time with the fish or maybe the other way around.

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man relaxing with fish
Fishing doesn't always go as planned. Happy Labor Day!

HTML copy/paste code for bad day fishing
worker with a labor day sign
Hurrah! It's Labor Day!

HTML code for hurrah for labor day
labor day graphic on a white background
Labor Day for light pages created in the colors of America.

labor day sign on white
Enjoy Labor Day
Enjoy Labor Day stars and stripes.

enjoy Labor Day
closed on Labor Day
We will be closed on Labor Day sign.
labor day in red, white and blue
Red, white and blue Labor Day with shadows.

labor day sign stars and stripes

Happy Labor Day from the beach
Happy Labor Day from the beach.
hard working man needs his labor day
Hang in there, Labor Day is coming!

HTML code for needs his Labor Day
relaxing in the boat
Labor Day - If Only Work Was Like This.

fishing on labor day copy/paste code for websites.
chopping wood
No matter how hard the job, it could be worse.
man knows labor day is coming
This hard working man knows Labor Day is just around the corner. You can tell by the big smile.
enjoy labor day
Spending Labor Day in the sun.

Enjoy Labor Day
happy labor day image
Happy Labor Day red and blue.

HTML code for Happy Labor Day in red, white and blue
goodbye to summer - labor day
Twilight scene - Say Goodbye To Summer.

copy/paste code for goodbye to summer
Happy Labor Day
Labor Day animation.
enjoy labor day
Happy Labor Day, enjoy the fruits of your labor!
Stars and stripes with 2 shovels.

HTML copy and paste code for fruits of your labor

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