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Flower animation and images for personal use. Flowers include apple blossoms, bitterroot, lillies, camellias, daylilies, blue bells, daisies plus people and flowers.

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small apple blossom with green leaves
Apple Blossom light pink and yellow.
red roses
Red Roses animated.
bitterroot flower
Bitterroot with leaves and root.
calla lily flower
Calla Lily flower with stem and leaf.
buttercup flowers
Two Buttercups with stems.
green and yellow flower
Green and yellow flower clipart - PNG.
single red flower
Single Flower Bloom.

camellia flower
Red Camellia with green leaves.
girl spring flowers
Beautiful girl enjoying beautiful spring flowers.
daylily flower
Purple Daylily jpeg.
colorful arrangememt
Multi color flowers arrangement.
bell flower
Bell flower blue, yellow and green.
apricots and apple blossoms
Apricot and Apple Blossoms with green frame and a blue sky.
purple aster
Purple Aster with stem and leaves.
watering flowers
Flowers being watered with a water can.
yellow daisy
Yellow Daisy flowers with stems.
golden flower
Golden flower with PNG transparent background.
woman watering flowers
Helping those flowers grow.

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