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Free Halloween Jack-o'-Lantern Graphics

Halloween graphics free for personal and non profit websites. Page includes scary jack-o'-lanterns, fun jack-o'-lanterns and even a friendly one or two.

Just like most of our pages there is a combination of images and jack-o'-lantern animations.

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scary pumpkin
Scary Jack-o-Lantern.
Image Format - GIF, Image Size - 12 kb, Dimensions - 138 x 140 Pixels, Details - This Jack- O-Lantern is a public domain image we did not create. However, we did make changes. Animated with a flashing yellow light. The image has a transparent background with little to no matte. It should look good on most backgrounds.

HTML code for scary jack-o-lantern

Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween with a black cat and jack-o'-lantern.
fall jack-o'-lantern
An autumn jack-o'-lantern with glitter animation.
happy halloween with 3 skeletons and a jack-o-lantern
Happy Halloween graphic plus three skeletons with differing bone colors. One lighted and evil looking jack-o'-lantern with lots of fog.

Image Format - JPEG, Image Size - 21 kb, Dimensions - 228 x 279 Pixels, Details - We seem to have a proclivity toward happy and friendly skeletons. We know they are supposed to be scary and jumping out of closets or falling from the ceiling but they can also be fun. These three fun skeletons were designed (smiles and all) with Poser software. The Jack-o'-lantern is part of a photo taken Halloween night then cropped and adjusted using Photoshop.

HTML code for 3 skeletons and a spooky jack-o-lantern

spooky jack-o'-lantern
Jack-o'-lantern with a spooky smile.
smiling pumpkin
Smiling jack-o'-lantern. He might be up to no good.

HTML code for smiling jack-o'-lantern
scary jack-o'-lantern
A scary Halloween jack-o'-lantern on black.
animated pumpkin
Jack-o'-lantern animation on black.

animated Jack-o'-lantern
scary jack-o'-lantern
A scary jack-o'-lantern animation.
scary jack-o'-lantern
A scary jack-o'-lantern clipart image.

jack-o'-lantern ghost
Jack-o'-lantern and ghost animation.
jack-o'-lantern candle
A bright and happy jack-o'-lantern image.
spooky jack-o'-lantern
A spooky jack-o'-lantern animation.
scary jack-o'-lanterns
Scary jack-o'-lanterns animation.
animated pumpkin
A phrenetic pumpkin animation. Perhaps he is just a hungry pumpkin.

copy/paste code for animated pumpkin
Jack-o'-lantern image.

cool Jack-o'-lantern
scary jack-o'-lantern
Jack-o'-lantern with a scary face clipart image.

Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween with a Frankenstein jack-o'-lantern.
Two carved jack-o'-lanterns - clipart.
ghosts jack-o'-lanterns
Jack-o'-lantern with ghosts, black cat and bat clipart.
devil pumpkins
A devil with pumpkins. I wonder if he can carve jack-o'-lanterns with a pitch fork?
swinging jack-o'-lantern
Swinging jack-o'-lantern animation.
animated Halloween pumpkin
Animated pumpkin on white.

Image Format - GIF, Image Size - 73 kb, Dimensions - 260 x 269 Pixels, Details - Monster pumpkin with animated glowing eyes, animated mouth and an oozing gash in his head with something phrenetic rushing around inside. Could be tiny little ghosts. Makes a strange Jack-o'-lantern. Happy Halloween in orange with a black stroke.

copy and paste code for animated pumpkin on white

A variety of fun jack-o'-lanterns.
jack-o-lantern witch
It's either a witch that turned into a jack-o'-lantern or a jack-o'-lantern that is trying to turn into a witch. Either way, nice hat.
Happy Halloween with monster
Happy Halloween pumpkins with hidden monster.
Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween with a jack-o'-lantern plus candle.
Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween with jack-o'-lantern sitting in autumn leaves.
jack-o'-lantern animation
Jack-o'-lantern animation with a big smile.
haunted jack-o'-lantern
Haunted house jack-o'-lantern with flying bat.

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