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Elephant graphics includingclipart, photos and animations. Section includes happy elephants, loud elephants, hungry elephants, thirsty elephants, dancing elephants and fighting elephants.

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elephant and friend
Animated friendly elephant and her buddy.
elephant water
A young elephant playing with water.
happy elephant
A happy elephant sitting.
elephant eating
Elephant knows what he likes to eat.
animated sitting elephant
Elephant Sitting
elephant swim
An elephant going in for a dip.
very loud elephant
Animation of an elephant that wants to be heard.
mom and baby elephants
Mother and baby elephants.

two elephants
Clip art image of two happy elephants, momma and baby.
sitting elephant
An elephant sitting in the grass.
mother elephant
Mother and child elephant with animation.
walking elephant
An elephant out for a walk.
party elephant
Animated party animal. Elephant with a birthday hat.
elephants at a water hole
Photo of elephants getting their fill at a water hole.
fighting elephants
Photo of two elephants fighting (probably teenagers).

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